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Pre-sitting and Parliament Summaries

Recently Uploaded Pre-sitting and Parliament Summaries

Filename English Filename Samoan Date Uploaded Summary Type
📄 Sitting Summary Friday 27 October 2023 SAMOAN VERSION NOT AVAILABLE Nov 04, 2023 Parliament
📄 Sitting Summary Thursday 26 October 2023 SAMOAN VERSION NOT AVAILABLE Oct 27, 2023 Parliament
📄 Sitting Summary Wednesday 25 October 2023 SAMOAN VERSION NOT AVAILABLE Oct 26, 2023 Parliament
📄 Sitting Summary Tuesday 24 October 2023 SAMOAN VERSION NOT AVAILABLE Oct 24, 2023 Parliament

Below is a comprehensive archive of Pre-sitting and Parliament Summaries of the Parliament of Samoa. These summaries are systematically organized, first by type, then by year, and further by month within each year. Each entry in this archive includes links to documents in both English and Samoan languages, offering detailed insights into the proceedings and decisions made in Parliament. This structured approach ensures ease of navigation and access to important parliamentary information.

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